Listed below are links to free content I've created for this website. Each is a site in its own right with its own design and layout. With short stories, fan fiction, interactive stories, comics, poetry, writing tips, gaming and anime there's a little of everything. My social networking links are listed at the bottom of the page; My Amazon Kindle Author Page, Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, Deviant Art and YouTube.

Heaven-Sent - A trilogy of short stories about a mysterious fairy.
Short & Sweet - A selection of single chapter short stories.
Fan Fiction - Stories based upon movies, TV shows and video games.
Have Faith - A story about an office worker and his colleagues inspired by a dream.

Interactive Stories
Fantasy - Short interactive stories.
bumbling bee - A strange, quirky and very rude interactive story with lots of pretty pictures.
A Fairy Tale - A heartwarmingly sweet interactive story.
Times Up!!! - An interactive story about a soldier having to defuse an atomic bomb.
Forgotten Island - An interactive story about the rescue of a princess imprisoned upon a cursed island.
Out Of Your Wits - A light hearted interactive horror about a professor's evil experiment.

Other Written Work
Bitsa Girl - A very cheesy, amateur, photographic comic about a broken toy.
Laura's Craft - The adventures of Wiccan, steampunk, archaeologist Laura Kelley.
Nozomi's Scrapbook - Nozomi's butterfly book.
Poetry Corner - My poetry.
Thoughts - An archive of old blogs.
Writing Tips - Snippets describing my experiences with writing.

Gaming Sites
Beta Test Journal - A blog style narrative about games I've beta tested.
The Elder Scrolls Online Playthrough - The Elder Scrolls Online for the PlayStation 4.
BloodRayne Playthrough - My experience playing BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2 for the PC.
Enclave Playthrough - My experience playing Enclave for the PC.
Heavenly Sword Walkthrough - A full text walkthrough of the PlayStation 3 game Heavenly Sword.
Bullet Witch Game Guide - Screenshots, trailers, a detailed review, and lots more.
Velvet Assassin Game Guide - A book style guide to the game.
Oni Game Guide - A guide to the PlayStation 2, PC, Mac game.
The Angel Of Darkness Game Guide - Screenshots, trailers, review and more.
Tomb Raider Underworld Game Guide - Reviews, screenshots and more.
Tomb Raider Scrapbook - A rough guide containing a detailed review of the 2013 game.
Star Letter - A micro-site in the style of a blog talking about the time I won a PlayStation steering wheel.
Silly Gamer - Silly screenshots taken from online gaming.

Love Hate Reviews
Love Hate Mirror's Edge - A mixed feelings review of Mirror's Edge and Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
Love Hate Tomb Raider - A mixed feelings review of the 2018 Tomb Raider movie.
Love Hate Noir - A mixed feelings review of the anime series known as Noir.

Games I Created
Fantasy Software (ZX Spectrum) - Adventure games.
Fantasy Software (PC) - First-person shooters for Windows XP.

Anime Sites
Motoko's Ghost - A review website for the Ghost In The Shell series.
Electro Blood - A review and more about the Armitage III anime series.

Other Sites
Tribute To Nene Aizawa- A YouTube slideshow and web links about Nene Aizawa who passed away.