For the Xbox 360 and PC

Violette Summer.

Violette Summer is a beautiful and sexy spy who goes deep behind enemy lines alone with no support or back up.

Born in Devon England, Violette grew up in a happy family and had a great and active childhood. Initially, she started her working life in a beauty salon before the outbreak of war inspired her to move to London and join the weapon industry. It didn't take too long for her to be noticed by the Secret Services, she was after all strikingly beautiful, athletic and had great attention to detail.

Violette had lost a close aunt during one of the first Luftwaffe bombing raids and to further compound her terrible heartache she later lost her cherished RAF husband in battle. However, Violette was extremely strong willed and where many would have lost themselves to misery and mourning, she used these painful experiences to inspire her to succeed.

Any link between Violette Summer's life and real life spy Violette Szabo is intentional, even their back story is similar.

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