For the Xbox 360 and PC

What I love about this game.

I love games that are unique, that are completely new and not just a rehash of another game. Velvet Assassin is unique in both the way it plays and the way the story's laid out.

The game begins with Violette in a hospital bed with men standing at her side. At this point it's not known if they are friend or foe. She also has a syringe of morphine next to her which she can inject whenever she feels the need to. She recites the story of what happend to her and the entire game plays in flashback. Even her speech within the game is in past tense which seems very odd, she will say things like "I needed a key to open the door" if you come across a locked door. During the game if you're spotted by an enemy you can freeze time by injecting the morphine, Violette will suddenly change into her hospital bedgown and temporarily by invisible to the guards. This is a very strange ability but it adds to the feel of the game.

This is more of a stealth game than an all-out shooter, Violette is able to use a gun but there are always more guards than ammo and with the game being realistic she will die as soon as she gets shot. You can hide in shadows, behind walls and crouch down behind boxes. You also have to make sure you hide the dead German soldiers that you kill so they don't get spotted. If you make a noise such as stepping on broken glass or trying to sneak in big boots this will attract attention. If you wish to intentionally attract a guard's attention you can whistle and lead him into a trap.

The ambient music adds an earie feel and at times it feels like a horror game especially when you're creeping around dark corridors knowing that you could be spotted at any moment.

The voice acting is supurb with Melinda Cohen doing the voice of Violette with a pristine English accent, she reminded me a lot of Kate Beckinsale. The German guards speak German and are subtitled to English, they normally talk about events that have nothing to do with the plot but it's fun to listen to what they have to say which gives the game a hint of humour.

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