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This website contains no spoilers and doesn't reveal the ending. It's more of a review and general guide to the game.

Velvet Assassin was created by Replay Studios and SouthPeak Games but unlike their previous creations this is something unlike what we've ever seen before.

There have been many realistic games set during World War II that involve soldiers in battle having to carry out a mission while trying to collect ammo, conserve energy and survive being shot at. Sometimes they are based upon genuine battles that took place. While these games should be praised for realism that's not what it was like for everyone involved in the war effort.

Velvet Assassin is a new take on that genre but rather than playing a conventional soldier you play as a female spy infiltrating the enemy under their very noses and mixing among them. Each level comprises of sneaking around stealthily and carrying out a mission, some of which are based upon real events that happend during the war.

You play as Violette Summer a British agent who has been sent behind enemy lines with no back up or team to help her. She is alone and has only her skills and wits to survive. It's no coincidence that her name and likeness bear a resemblance to real life agent Violette Szabo who fought for the French Resistance during the war.

The game is dark, both literally and in content. There's extreme violence when she silently kills a German soldier using her knife. She may slice his throat, stab him in the top of his head or pierce him through the heart leaving a pool of blood at his feet. The player doesn't get to choose the exact method of knife killing so you can't choose your favourite. If you wish you can choose to use a gun instead of the knife, she has a silencer to reduce noise, but she doesn't have a huge amount of ammo so you will still have to resort to knife killing for the most part.

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