Tomb Raider Scrapbook


Game Details:

If you're looking for a traditional Tomb Raider game, with Lara running around tombs wearing a blue figure hugging leotard and shorts while doing acrobatics shooting a tyrannosaurus rex, then you won't find it in this game. This is a totally new take on Tomb Raider and is one that you will either love or hate.
The story mode features Lara and her archologist friends stranded upon an island with a group of insane cultists who are also trapped upon the island. I won't tell too much about the story any further as to not spoil it.
The entire game is set upon the island and isn't split into noticable levels. There are different locations within the island but there are no loading screens or anything you would consider as a particular level. There are tombs too with puzzles to solve but these aren't essential to complete the game so you are less likely to get stuck in this Tomb Raider than on the others.
The online mode is a little bit poo. Unlike story mode the online mode is full of loading screens that are annoying, the buttons are different to the main game, and even the animation of the characters is a little dodgy. And the deathmatch mode crazy with everyone jumping up and down trying to avoid getting shot. It does get better the more you play it though because you unlock extra bits and bobs as your character abilities improve. You can't play online as Lara however until your abilities are maxed out so you're in for quite a bit of finger ache before that happens.



Ouch! This game is grusome at times. In fact this is quite a mild death for Lara.



Lara Croft
Sam (Samantha)
Dr James Whitman
Conrad Roth


- Well duh, obviously. It wouldn't be Tomb Raider without her.
- Lara's best friend.
- Another of Lara's friends who was cut from the game but still exists in some scenes as well as in multiplayer.
- An Archeaologist who wants to claim credit for himself.
- A computer expert who has a crush on Lara.
- Captain of the ship called Endurance.
- The helmsman of Endurance.
- A mechanic on the ship called Endurance.
- A fisherman and cook.
- A bad guy who worships a Sun Queen and tries to kill Lara.
- The evil Sun Queen who's already dead but her soul still lives.



Lara is voiced by Camilla Luddington who performs a wide range of emotions
from Lara crying to Lara getting really angry.
She also acted in the motion capturing.


There's a lot of raining at the start of the game and Lara gets soaked.




My ode to the Sun Queen: (Spoiler Alert - don't read this silly poem unless you've already completed the game).

Are you evil? Are you insane?
Or are you a victim who's suffing in pain?
Living your life within the dead body of Himiko,
With no way to express yourself other than causing a tornado.
Cultist guards murdering people in vain,
With all their crimes commited under your name.
I weep for you, I bring your life to a halt,
But know deep down it's truely not your fault.



Lara spends most of the game looking like this.



Interesting fact: (A snippet of inside gossip).

Apparently there is more dialogue between the characters in this game than within the average movie. Lara's voice actress, Camilla Luddington, started to get a sore throat during the sound recordings. If you listen carefully when Lara picks up an artifact and examines it you can hear the rougher tone within her voice.


I hope that's not Steph! That looks like a horrible way to die!




Camilla met with Tomb Raider fans at MCM Expo in London (May 2013).


The problem with comparison pics is it's difficult to judge how genuine they are.
Where's Lara's bandage gone? What is true however is that practically every
strand of Lara's hair is smooth and clearly defined in the Definitive Edition.



Interesting fact: (More gossip).

There was no voice actress for the character of Steph as it was decided she would be removed as a character from the game long before the voices were recorded.
However, at a later stage during the game's development it was decided she would be included in the online multiplayer modes of the game.
Rather than hiring someone to record her voice the game's developers simply used the same voice from the character of Samantha.
So listen out carefully when playing the game online, Steph and Sam have the same voice!


This scrapbook was put together by me Raymond Johnson.