18th February 2021 - Reading In Dreams.

I had a strange dream today. A dream within a dream solved by reading.

I dreamed that I was sleeping with my cat Squeaky and I woke up to find my cat Bobo sitting upon a chair. Squeaky noticed her too yet Bobo died some years ago. I then thought that maybe she was my other cat Thomas and my tired brain imagined him to be Bobo, so I picked Bobo up and took her into the bathroom to find Thomas was in there too. It was then that I wondered if I was dreaming. (Thomas also died some years ago, before Bobo in fact, but I hadn't realised that inconstancy within the dream.) I then decided to hold Bobo in front of the mirror because hallucinations don't have reflections, but she was fully revealed in the mirror along with myself. I then remembered a YouTube vid that stated that reading in dreams will reveal that it's a dream especially if you read the same line twice due to the brain not being able to cope with the complexity of written words whilst sleeping. So I looked at a magazine resting upon my desk and read the article, it was about sources of catnip found in regions of China. I read the line perfectly so was sure I wasn't dreaming but as I attempted to read it again the article was gone and the page blank. In a flash I knew it was a dream and woke up.

I don't normally have those kinds of dreams. I wonder if I would have remembered it if I hadn't made myself wake up.


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