3rd April 2020 - I Had Coronavirus.

There's quite a variation within the severity of the symptoms of coronvirus, with some people effected more so than others, so I thought I'd write down how it effected me. I was one of those lucky enough to have the very mildest of symptoms so for me if felt no more than a severe cold. In fact if I never heard of the coronavirus I would have likely passed it off as just that.

On Tuesday 24th March, two days before my birthday I may add, I felt fine and it was just a normal day. At 2 PM however I let out a sudden cough. It felt odd, far heavier than normal, throbbing my chest in the process. I still passed it off as nothing but a normal cough but it continued throughout the day throbbing and hurting my chest in the process. When I say throughout the day I don't mean constant I mean more like one cough per hour or so. The cough would shoot out unexpected giving me no time to prepare with an intake of breath, before trying to let out another. I was often trying to cough with empty lungs causing my chest to throb further.

I also had a sore throat and catarrh but I think it was down to the caught itself causing my throat to become irritated rather than the irritation causing the cough. It was very much a lung cough rather than a throat cough.

It wasn't until the next day that I realised this wasn't a normal cold and likely the coronavirus. I'm very much a recluse at the best of times, only going out when necessary, so it was a surprise to catch it.

I was expecting to get a fever too as coughing and fever are the usual symptoms mentioned but as far as I know I never became sweaty. I never felt overly hot or cold at all. I had read that fever is something that if you have you are certain you have it, yet on TV people were having their temperature taken on their foreheads on their way to work which appeared rather odd to me.

I did have a continuous headache however, not a strong one, but the kind of headache where I felt the urge to simply lay down watching TV.

Looking back I also realise I didn't have my normal appetite. I'd eat a proper normal sized dinner each day but nothing else.

I noticed that I was coughing far less if I laid down, which is the exact opposite to how I'm like with a usual cough. I'd lay as often as I could, putting my mouth under the sheets at times to repress my urge to cough. I slept a lot. I'd sleep all night, get up early, then lay on the sofa sleeping again. My intention was to sleep the illness away allowing my immunity to do all the work.

Incidentally I read online to only call 111 (not 999) if you're venerable or if the symptoms persist for over a week.

It took until the weekend for the cough to fade into just a slight cough which still persists (3rd April) but no more than a few painless coughs per day or so. I don't have a sore throat anymore or headaches.

I took a number of paracetamol throughout the day which I discovered contained caffeine. That, combined with the fact that I had slept so much meant I suddenly couldn't sleep for about two days putting my entire routine out of whack. Also spending so much time in bed has given me throbbing back pains but these too are easing off.

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