6th March 2020 - Mercy's Boobs.

I was playing a custom game in Overwatch recently where people were fooling about and trying to reach areas of the map that are normally out of reach. (Not Hanzo players of course because they always shoot people no matter what game mode is played.) One of the facets of Mercy is the ability to fly when her ultimate gauge is full but with this being a custom game it was full very quickly so flying to hard to reach areas was far easier. To show we had reached an area we'd leave a spray for other players to see.

While a lot of people clambered into a corner leaving their sprays there was a large huddle as we clambered together with some falling to their deaths in the pit below. The camera perspective got mixed up and I got a clear close up view of Mercy's boobs. It's not something that's often seen but luckily I was able to take a screenshot and post it here. I particularly like the reflection of light and the slight blemishes on her skin.

Incidentally none of the characters genuinely have nudity under their clothing. While playing in replay mode it's possible to move the camera into their bodies and while they do possess tongues and teeth there is literally nothing beneath their clothing.

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