11th March 2020 - I Hate Overwatch.

This may seem a very odd thing to say because Overwatch is pretty much my main game on the PS4. It's the game I always default to if I have nothing else to play and I used to have a fun time playing it but as of late it's really just a shadow of its former self.

The problem arises due to the constant patching of the game. I've had Overwatch since its beta release so have experienced the game from its original creation right up until now, seeing the changes with each patch.

Many of the patches are what people would expect; bug fixes, new characters, new maps and so forth just as what we'd expect with any other popular game. There are also odd alterations to the game such as changing the way Symmetra's shields work, they've altered it three times so far, then gave Brigitte the same shielding ability for other characters that Symmetra originally possessed. My guess is that they do these alterations just to keep the game fresh.

But the real issue that pisses me off is when an update jiggles with the team balance giving certain characters extra strength or stronger shields. It's reached the stage where Roadhog has become a bullet sponge that performs one shot kills. Reaper will lose most of his energy with just a few shots then take another ten shots to lose the final notch on his energy bar. Widowmaker is practically useless due to the fact that she needs to aim her shots, while McCree's pistol has unlimited range and simply can shot without aim. In essence McCree's pistol had become a sniper rifle.

I could also moan about Hanzo but his one shoot kill unaimed headshots have always worked that way so while I hate it I can't really complain about it, only that this is the one thing they should have patched.

I'm a Mercy main. I always have been. But with patch after patch she's just a shadow of her former self. She can't resurrect more than one character at a time. It used to be enjoyable when the opposing team wiped out most of mine only for me to bring them all back to life. There's also now a delay on the resurrection so I often get killed whilst standing gormlessly waiting for something to happen. The 'heroes never die' line is said when Mercy activates her Ultimate giving her the ability to fly, which no longer makes sense.

This game's simply no longer fun to play, at times it's a chore.

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