8th January 2019 - Mirror's Edge (Comic Book Review).

I bought a Mirror's Edge graphic novel recently from an online book store, via ebay, that sells used books. For a fairly recent publication it has that addictive old book smell to it that kind of smells bad yet pleasant simultaneously.

The comic is a full graphic novel rather than a compilation of smaller comics and is 144 pages long. Other than the intro page and one page of ads for other books the rest is all story. It's published by Wildstorm Publications.

The story begins with Faith as a runner but is initially set before she gets her tattoos. The story is faithful to the original Mirror's Edge game containing most of the same characters albeit without her best friend Celeste. I suppose the story counts as a prequel so it's possible they haven't met yet. Faith's sister makes a number of appearances too as a disapproving yet caring police officer.

Whilst discovering a fellow runner being attacked Faith assists and fights off the attacker where upon the runner's bag is dropped spilling its photographic contents. Faith realises they are surveillance photos of her father and suspects that he may be in danger due to the Libertas freedom movement he had once been involved in. As Faith continues to investigate she discovers more about her late mother and her and an electronic device she had been working on. There is a lot more to this story which I won't mention because of spoilers.

The entire feel to the comic matches the Mirror's Edge game precisely and its clear the authors have done a good job researching the source material, being true to the characters and not wavering from the lore. It's a very easy read too, divided into chapters and laid out neatly upon the page. Some of the chapter covers have Faith's appearance being off-model but that's only a mild criticism as she is clearly pictured within the story itself. My only real criticism is the ending appeared far too swift and didn't fully resolve the mystery about Faith's mother.

An exciting read.

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