5th July 2019 - My Brand New Bikini Body (Book Review).

There appears to be a glitch on Amazon's website. Basically if I log in I can see my review of this book yet if I'm not logged in it doesn't show. Maybe it's because it's classified as an adult story but other books don't appear to be effected in the same way. Anyway I thought I'd mention it because I'm not the sort of person who buys books and doesn't leave a review.

I purchased this book some time ago last year. I still have it on my Kindle and is certainly an enjoyable read, the kind of book that can be easily read in one sitting. It's classified as transgender erotica, BDSM erotica and lesbian erotica but personally I'd think of it more as comedy erotica due to its over the top plot.

The story is about two guys, Adam and Neil, who are on vacation and intend to have sex with lots of women. Neil is jealous of Adam's muscular attractive looks but is also secretly attracted to him. This becomes all the more complicated when Neil is effected by a strange turn of events which results in him turning female. Neil becomes Nellie.

The story is told in first-person going in precise detail with Neil / Nellie's emotions as well as his / her physical feelings.

My only niggle is that the story ends rather abruptly on 55% before listing previews of other books. I can't help but feel people do this for the sake of padding.

Neil's hot new body.

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