20th July 2017 - Until Dawn (Game Review).

This is a spoiler free review.

I downloaded this game recently because I'm into survival horror games but mainly because it was free on PS4 if you have PlayStation Plus. I've very mixed opinions about this game ranging from "It's a boring pile of poo" to "This is a fantastic game."

The game is about a group of friends who are staying at a lodge in Canada on a snow covered mountain. Due to a prank gone wrong two of the friends go missing which results in their deaths. Their brother reunites the group a year later as a mark of respect with them staying at the same location as before. Then a psycho starts stalking them and killing them gruesomely. As the story moves on there are multiple plots, subplots and twists which I won't mention to avoid spoilers.

When I first started playing I was instantly reminded of the Telltale Game series. It's more of an interactive story than a conventional game. The pacing is excruciatingly slow as the characters are introduced. They spend most of their time arguing and there's not a likeable character among them. This may be intentional as their personalities change depending on the events going on around them and the player's choices. The player has no choice as to which player to be as the game will change from one to another as you progress.

As the game progresses there is more to do than simply react to what the characters are saying and it plays more like a conventional game albeit with quicktime events for a lot of the action. Press triangle, press square, press circle, etc to climb a wall. There are lots of things to pick up too which give clues as to what it going on.

The game's divided into episodes when you can select once you've completed it. I did find the "Story so far" summary beginning each episode annoying however as they interrupted gameplay. I found the therapist character equally annoying as he often appeared at the most inappropriate of times.

On the main menu is the option to see how the game was made and to see the voice actors. That was very interesting and a surprise that they used their true likeness as characters within the game.

I managed to finish the game with two characters surviving, it is possible for them all to survive depending on the decisions you make so I'm certainly going to play it again at a later date. I did enjoy it once the action got going but I'm sure the slow pacing and annoying characters put a lot of players off.

Ashley is spooked by a rocking horse.

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