9th February 2016 - Velvet Assassin (Adjusting Brightness).

Some years ago I purchased a game for the Xbox 360 known as Velvet Assassin. I enjoyed it thoroughly and played it through to the end. At the time I only had a standard def television so I knew that the game's graphics didn't appear as good as they could be.

Years later, when my television gave up the ghost, I quickly purchased a small yet modern hi-def television. Velvet Assassin looked terrible on it and I couldn't see a thing, while other Xbox 360 games looked amazing.

Then about a year after that I tried to play the game on a larger hi-def television yet still the game was so dark I could barely see a thing other than my own reflection upon the screen.

Recently, while in bed drifting off to sleep, a thought occurred to me that there may be something within the game's options to adjust its brightness. So when I played the game again I went straight to the game's options and saw there was a brightness adjustment which was already set to its lowest. It's possible I may have adjusted it way back when I used a standard def TV due to older televisions generally being brighter anyway.

So now I've been playing the game again, this time from the very beginning, and it looks better than ever in clear hi-def quality.

I love Violette's dark eye shadow and sweaty face.

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