14th February 2016 - Vampire Kiss.

This kiss of the vampire is the most deadly of all. I'm not referring to a conventional bite where a vampire consumes blood for nourishment, but a loving kiss to intermix saliva and blood which circulates within the lover's bloodstream giving them vamperic characteristics of their own until eventually they become a full vampire themselves. The thought of a human intentionally allowing themselves to be bitten by their vampire lover intrigues me. A fate far worse than death perhaps. It can also been seen as an act of true love.

Obviously this cannot be true, it breaks the mythology of vampires, but with so many interpretations of the same genre sticking with the same lore only makes things static. I love the idea of vampire stories being so varied adding far more mystery as to what is and what isn't possible.

Being capable of turning a human into a vampire by a single bite isn't the only varied aspect of vampire mythology. Some vampires fly while others don't. Some have permanent fangs while others only reveal fangs as they bite. Some burn in daylight while others don't. Then there's the variation of vampires such as full breeds, dhampirs, and so forth.

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