5th April 2016 - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

I first bought this DVD at an anime convention, then later purchased it on Blu-ray. To be honest there's not much difference between the DVD and Blu-ray versions other than the fact the the blu-ray is in high def.

The story is about a normal, teenage, high school, Japanese girl that has the usual problems that a typical high school girl has to deal with. She has a female friend who has a crush on a boy, she herself gets embarrassed due to a boy repeatedly asking her for a date and there's also a school bully who picks on nerdy boy. It's just the usual high school type anime movie.

But that's where the similarity ends and the entire story flips on its head when the main character Makoto discovers she has the ability to travel back in time. The first incident is accidental when she crashes her bike into a train then suddenly realises she's further back up the street before the incident has occurred. She then decides to hone her abilities and practices her new found power helping her friends with their problems, which usually results in making things a whole lot worse causing her constant embarrassment.

It's a mixture of serious drama, hilarious slapstick comedy, action, sci-fi and romance all rolled into one. At times you'll be laughing out loud while at other times you'll have a lump on your throat. The voice actresses (both of them) do an excellent job of making Makoto cry. You'll be crying too in the final scene.

Incidentally the Japanese voice actress Riissa Naka, who played Makoto, was also in the live action movie Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

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