21st February 2016 - A Fairy Ring.

I saw one of these some months ago and I wasn't able to take a photo of it but while looking up the phenomenon online I've discovered that they're not that rare. Mushroom and toadstools grow all year round and it's only the tops that appear above ground when they drop seeds. Unlike conventional plants they seed very near to their parent mushroom which is why they are often found in bunches. Of course this is all nonsense and a myth spread by ignorant people who don't know better.

The real reason for their existence is for fairies to use as a stool to sit upon whilst having a friendly chat discussing an important task for Mother Nature. Fairies often get tired from all the work they do as looking after nature is a very busy and thankless task. Even fairies need a rest from time to time and need to put their feet up. The moment you look at them however they will quickly hide themselves behind the mushroom or a long blade of grass.

Fairies often range in size but generally speaking they are no more than a few inches tall. They don't have flesh and blood like humans their bodies are more robust made of a gaseous substance. (As confirmed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he did actually say that!) While their bodies are strong fairies still have a dislike for getting wet so they will often shelter from the rain under mushrooms using them as an umbrella. This is another reason why mushrooms and toadstools often appear after a rainstorm.

This is a particularly large gathering of fairies.

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