7th September 2015 - Why I Love Hello Kitty.

To be honest I was never a big fan of Hello Kitty. I neither liked nor disliked her, I was just not interested. I knew of her existence, but to me the whole Hello Kitty franchise was just a way to market children's toys and cartoons, and didn't appeal to me as an adult. Hello Kitty's been around for a good 40 years or so but it's only recently that there's been a big surge in her popularity. There are adults that are fans, in the same way there are adults who are fans of My Little Pony, but I always suspected they were only fans for the sake of being different, a case of liking something on an ironic level. I had seen some Hello Kitty cartoons too, but they didn't appeal to me either. They were too Americanised for my liking. For a Japanese creation of a British character speaking about cookies and candy felt strange to me.

Then one day at Christmas time, Hello Kitty magazine had a bumper set of stickers on the front cover. I was actually looking at other magazines on the shelf when I glanced toward the Hello Kitty magazine and thought those stickers would look good stuck to the front of my fridge. I bought the magazine and used the stickers, then just for the fun of it filled in the puzzles in the magazine and did some colouring.

The magazine was a little odd in that while it was obviously aimed at children there were a lot of advertisements that were aimed at adults. There was an ad for Sky TV showing an image from the movie Skyfall, an ad for adopting whales, and a competition to win a PlayStation 4. The competition was easy and the question was "Who makes the PlayStation 4? Sony, Apple or Microsoft?" Anyone under 18 needed a parent to sign the bottom of the competition entry form. I never win anything but luckily I had plenty of postage stamps so I didn't mind using one to enter the competition and post the entry form. I did wonder what it would be like if I did win because it would mean everyone would know I bought a Hello Kitty magazine.

About four months later I received a letter stating that I had won and it was on its way. About a week after that I had my brand new PlayStation 4 worth around 400. I don't know why but I felt at the back of my mind that I knew I would win. There were only five winners selected so the odds were staked against me but I somehow knew. Maybe it was a Christmas miracle. Kitty wanted me to win.

As a thank you to Kitty I got myself a tattoo and proudly admit that I love Hello Kitty. I've also got lots of stuffed toys, posters, bubble bath, hat, pens, notepads, mugs, beakers, shirts and underwear.

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