21st June 2015 - What I Love About Twitter.

At first I was never really a big fan of Twitter. There's not enough room to fully say what you want to say within the 140 character limit and people often posted comments like, "I had a chamomile tea today," which is uninteresting even to people who personally know that person. I used it for advertising my books and pretty much nothing else.

Over the years however, and since they created trends using the hashtag, I've found it more and more interesting and useful. The hashtag trends mean I can discuss a particular subject without having to message a Twitter page directly so others can reply. In a way it's like talking about someone behind their back, but that "someone" can also be a movie, book, event, etc.

Celebrities use Twitter too with a little blue tick beside their name confirming that it's really them and not an impersonator. Recently someone was talking about the actress Pixie Le Knot who appears in Game Of Thrones. She was going to attend a sci-fi convention and someone was worried that she had cancelled. She replied and said something along the lines of, "We're still coming, I haven't cancelled." I thought it was amazing that a celebrity was able to respond to a fan's question in such a casual manner, something that wouldn't have happened before Twitter. I was also privy to that conversation by searching the hashtag of her name.

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