3rd September 2015 - Game Of Thrones. (Season 1).

I won't give away any spoilers in this blog entry. I'll just give a general synopsis of the story and what I thought about it.

I had heard a lot about Game Of Thrones but never got around to watching it. There were more and more series being created and season 5 has recently come out so I'm far behind when it comes to catching up.

Recently though I started watching it right from the beginning and it's kind of okay, fairly entertaining to watch, with each episode playing out like a soap continuing onto the next episode so it's the kind of show that you have to watch each episode to follow the story. It's not realistic in any kind of way, with the costumes, armour, etc, way off for that era and it kind of feels as though it should be light hearted yet it isn't. It's about as realistic as Xena but far more violent and bloody.

Pretty much every female character is a 'whore' and there's lot of nudity but usually just a glimpse for the sake of titillation. There's male nudity too with the occasional sighting of a cock. It does seem out of place and makes me feel it was done purely for the sake of attracting viewing figures.

The story's about different groups of people who live in peace with one another but everything is thrown into chaos when the king dies. There's a lot of inconsistency within the story, making me feel at times as though I missed an episode, and some characters appear inconsistent too. The main character Eddard Stark has a daughter Sansa who appears to practically change personality from one episode to the next. Eddard's son Bran changed from a main characters to a side character as the episodes progressed. There were also two gay male characters who vanished from the story totally without explanation. Eddard Stark often appeared to know things that he shouldn't have known about. I felt the story was a mess. As for the White Walkers at the opening of the first episode, they are occasionally mentioned but never seen again.

Then something odd and unexpected happened on the very last episode, the very last scene in fact, tipping the entire series on its head. I certainly will watch the next season to see what happens next and if the story flows from where the cliffhanger left off it should be brilliant!

A boring yarn until the final scene.

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