16th April 2015 - Survivor (Movie 2014).

About six months ago I was looking for blu-ray movies just for the sake of owning some and one movie caught my eye called Survivor. I didn't purchase it because I was buying other items as the same time and didn't have the money. It then went out of my mind and I didn't get round to buying it. I later tried to look it up online but with so many other movies and a TV show of the same name it was difficult to pin down.

Today I was flicking through the television channels and noticed it was on so I sat an watched it. I was surprised that it came out on TV so soon especially on an obscure channel.

I won't give the movie a full review as that's not really what this entry is about. It wasn't particularly amazing but not bad either, it was okay. The average special effects distracted some of the good points within the story, I felt, and would have been far better if all the monsters were replaced by human bad guys.

It starred Kevin Sorbo but he's more of a secondary character to the lead played by Danielle Chuchran. I know Kevin Sorbo as he's been in a zillion other movies and TV shows, but I had no idea who Danielle Chuchran was so I looked her up. She's appeared in other things but nothing I've seen.

What amazed me was at one time she was going to play Katniss in The Hunger Games one of my favourite movies. There's a clip of her reenacting a scene from The Hunger Games on Youtube with some brilliant acting. Here's the link.

Survivor on DVD.

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