26th August 2015 - Dr Who Vampires.

One of the oddities about the myth of vampires is the varying descriptions of how they look and what their abilities are. Sometimes they have wings, sometimes they turn into a bat, sometime they kill when they bite, sometimes people become vampires when they get bitten, some die in daylight, some sparkle, and so forth. There is no consistency but that in many ways that's part of their appeal.

Dr Who's take was different still in that vampires are real but are in fact aliens. They possess a hypnotic camouflage that hides their true appearance but the mind cannot process reflected hypnosis giving the illusion that vampires have no reflection in a mirror. These alien vampires also have the ability to turn humans into vampires albeit using a more scientific method of alien blood transfusion rather than the act of biting. They are capable of biting though using their elongated sharp pointed teeth rather than conventional vampire fangs. Something about seeing those teeth feels all the more realistic and more frightening than the conventional look of vampire teeth. They look as though they could pierce the skin then suck blood through the cavity between, both biting and sucking simultaneously. They are alien teeth rather than animal fangs.

The episode is called The Vampires Of Venice with Matt Smith as Dr Who. The vampire actresses are Gabriella Wylde, Hannah Steele, Elizabeth Croft, Sonila Vieshta and Gabriela Montaraz. I've met them all at the London Film & Comic Con, and are nothing like their vampire counterparts, they're all sweet in real life.

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