5th July 2015 - I've Finally Purchased Blades Of Time.

I number of years ago I bought a game called X-Blades for the Xbox 360. It was a real button basher type of game but once mastering all the spells it became a real joy to play. I completed it twice because it has alternative endings based upon whether you use the light spells or dark spells. It's graphics were very peculiar in that the main character was a cell-shaded, cartoon-like anime character, while the background was conventional game graphics.

Some time later a sequel came out so I downloaded the game demo from Xbox Live. The first thing I noticed was that the graphics were vastly different to the previous game, the main character was no longer cell-shaded and didn't resemble an anime. It still looked really impressive though. When playing the game it's similar to the first game, but there isn't the wave after wave of enemies so it's no longer a button basher. There is also a spell that enables Ayumi to travel back in time just for a number of seconds giving her the edge when fighting monsters due to her previous self taking part in the action too.

The full game wasn't, and still isn't, available to download from Xbox Live and I couldn't find it anywhere in gaming shops, not even as a used game, so was never able to get one. Occasionally there is one of ebay but not very often.

Today I saw one at a boot fair for just 1. I immediately purchased it and am going to play it tonight after years of waiting.

Ayumi kicks ass!

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