28th August 2014 - Velvet Assassin.

Recently I've be re-playing the game Velvet Assassin on the Xbox 360. It's basically a stealth game, set during the war, where you have to sneak around in shadows and silently kill German soldiers. It's a little odd in that it's played in flashback with the main character, named Violette, in a hospital bed retelling the events. It's frustrating in some places but fun in other ways especially seeing her make kills in a blood soaked hospital gown.

The first time I played it I was completely wowed and played it every spare moment I had until I completed it. At the time I still had a basic standard def television, not even widescreen, but recently I've got hi-def so I thought I'd replay all of my favourite games.

What surprised me the most is how dark this game is. When hiding within shadows I sometimes can't even see what's on the screen, but if I switch on the in-game torch then the German guards will be alerted. I didn't remember how dark the game was and yet I had played and enjoyed it so much when I first purchased the game. I wonder if having a hi-def television has somehow made the game darker than it already was. Other games are just a bright as they ever were.

I'm still playing it on easy mode just to get through the game and remember what to do. Then I'll try it on hard mode once I complete it for the second time.

Another thing I noticed is that Xbox Live doesn't have any downloads for this game anymore. They used to have trailers and a music video. It could be because the publisher SouthPeak Games have gone under, but it could also be because Microsoft are gradually stepping back on support for older games, but I'm not sure.

Not all of the blood on her nightgown is her own.

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