19th September 2014 - Purchasing What You Already Own.

I was thinking about this recently when I purchased a movie on Blu-ray recently. I've got lots of DVDs I've collected over the years but only recently started purchasing items on Blu-ray.

Years ago, in 1996 to be exact, I bought an anime movie called Ghost In The Shell on video tape. It was dubbed into English and I loved it and thought it a fantastic movie. It was one of the first anime movies I saw and still one of the best.

Some time later it was released as a double video pack consisting of the movie in widescreen in Japanese with subtitles, while the second tape was a making-of video called Ghost In The Shell Production Report which was interesting but not very re-watchable.

Years later it came out on DVD with the option of watching it dubbed into English or the original Japanese with subtitles. There was a problem with it however due to the English dubbing being slightly out of sync with their lips, but it didn't really bother me.

More years later and it was re-released on DVD as a digitally remastered version with the sound placed back in sync again. It also came with a small poster.

Years later again it was released as a totally remastered version with some scenes completely reanimated known as Ghost In The Shell 2.0   The strange title implied it was a sequel which it isn't. It also comes with the original version too for people who prefer that version. It also has Japanese end credits unlike the previous DVDs and videos.

Recently I purchased Ghost In The Shell 2.0 again on Blu-ray so I can watch it in high-def. Even though it's an anime it was originally made for the cinema in Japan so the visuals look so much better in high-def with the rain at the beginning looking impressive.

The point I'm making in this blog entry is that I've purchased the same movie six times. I've also bought a DVD called the Masamune Shirow collection which also contains the original version of the movie so technically I've bought it seven times. I wonder if I'll buy another version when Blu-ray eventually get replaced by something new.

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