5th November 2014 - Vampire Princess Miyu.

A number of years ago I bought a video tape containing two episodes of Vampire Princess Miyu. I was totally hooked, it's a brilliant anime, that follows the story of a medium who discovers a vampire princess and soon realises that she is in a battle with demons. The medium still despises Miyu for being a vampire but understands that she is fighting evil so they share a common enemy. At the end of the video are trailers for the following two episodes in the series but they tend to be rare so I've still yet to purchase the second tape.

Recently I discovered the DVD box sex of Vampire Princess Miyu on ebay so I bought it and was surprised at what I discovered. The original four episodes that were available on video tape aren't included within the DVD box set. In fact it's a totally different plot and the medium isn't even in it. It's even a different voice actress that plays Miyu.

I suppose in a way it's a second series yet there is no indication of that on the box. It's still an amazing anime and I love every episode, and will watch it repeatedly, but it seems I'm still going to have to keep hold of my video tape version and search for the elusive second tape.

The DVD doesn't contain the same episodes as the video tape.

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