20th August 2014 - My Cat Bobo.

Here's a photo of Bobo, looking bright eyed and happy which she was throughout her life until she died in September 2012. She was 15 years old and the photo below was taken in May of the same year. She was never lazy or acted old, and was playful like a kitten all her life.

She always liked to sit on things that I rested upon the floor such as piece of cardboard or a box. Sometimes she would even attempt to climb into a tiny box such as an empty box of tissues causing it to fall apart. She often sat on top of my Playstation box causing tiny holes to appear from her claws as well as causing an intent in the box which never flattened out again. Even something such as a coat or clothing rested upon the sofa would be enough for her to sit on it.

She was an indoor cat and I'm sure she would have loved to go outside if I lived somewhere that had a garden. She often ate kitty grass which caused her to puke furballs but sometimes the grass would pass through and she would poop it out into the litter tray.

I just thought I'd mention a few things about her because I still miss her deeply. Things are not the same without her and my other cat is aware of her absence even after so much time.

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