29th August 2014 - Smells Like Christmas.

Today I bought a scented candle while shopping in the supermarket. They normally cost 4.00 but there were some on sale for 2.00. It was an Air Wick Purple Blackberry Fig. I occasionally buy candles just for the sake of making my home smell nice so it's not uncommon for me to have one. They also give a cosy feeling to the place especially with the light switched off.

Anyway, to my point, what surprised me was how Christmasy the smell was and how it reminded me so much of Christmas. It's the end of August as I write this and I'm tempted not to light the candle again as it could make me overexcited with the Christmas feeling. I'm tempted to buy sweets too as the supermarket have already got  giant tins of Quality Streets on display.

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