10th August 2014 - Hello Kitty Magazine. (Reposted Blog Entry).

The first time I bought a Hello Kitty magazine was a very odd experience and it was totally unlike I expected. It wasn't stories but more of a puzzle magazine packed with lots of activities and things to do. The entire magazine is brilliant value for money and the one I bought came with a free necklace on the cover.

What's confusing about it though is at first sight it's clearly aimed at children, i.e. little girls. It's full of puzzles, stickers, colouring in, single page posters, and a whole host of childish things. But why are the advertisements for adults? There's an ad for adopting wild animals, an ad for a dolphin charity and an ad for Sky Movies containing a picture from the movie Skyfall, clearly not anything that a child would even be able to respond to.

I've a suspicion the magazine is not aimed at children at all which is why the free child's necklace on the cover fitted my adult neck with no problem. Maybe full grown adult women purchase the magazine to relive their childhood and spend their time engaging in innocent fantasy.

That first magazine I bought was in January of this year and I've been buying them each month ever since. This month's edition (August 2014) comes with a whole host of items on the cover; a toy mobile phone, keys, driving license, small bag, pencil, lipstick as well as other items. The problem is that at the supermarket where I normally purchase them they still have last month's edition on display. I'll have to shop around to find one.

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