13th October 2014 - Kindle Books Refund Poilicy.

I've been reading up upon experiences other writers have had when selling books on Kindle and how the refund policy has effected them. It's been effecting me too but surprisingly I don't feel as bothered about it as many other writers. I think I'm still at the stage where I'm flattered that others are reading my books to not worry about what they do with them afterwards.

Basically Amazon have introduced a seven day no quibble refund policy on all books available on Kindle. The way it works is that if someone no longer wants a book they've purchased it will be removed from their Kindle and they receive an instant refund. At first it sounds like a wonderful idea because they may have clicked on the wrong book and purchased it by accident, for example, or the book may not be formatted correctly and be unreadable. There are lots of reasons someone may want a refund.

Some cheeky people however have been purchasing short stories and reading them within seven days and still getting a refund. I suppose the only way around this is for writers to make sure the book takes more than seven days to read but that would defeat the object of publishing short stories.

I'm sure it's happened to me a few times and even though I don't approve of such a thing I do understand why people do it. If you are the kind of person who does that, at least leave a review just to be nice.

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