22nd August 2014 - Itchy Legs.

I don't know why but recently I've been getting itchy legs on my calves and shins, and it's the kind of itch that feels really nice to scratch. I have to resist the urge to do so however because I know I'll just cause a rash and make them bleed which will make them more itchy in a constant never ending circle of itchiness.

It's the sort of itch that's caused by circulation I think and cold weather but it's not cold at this time of year. Maybe it's caused by sweaty socks but the itch can be higher up.

Anyway I had a hot bath recently and the itches in my legs went into overdrive as though I was rubbing each one individually at the same time. It felt really nice in fact. I may have another bath the next time I need to scratch.

My legs need a good massage.

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