9th August 2014 - I Love Fairies.

Are fairies real? I hope they are, it would be wonderful to have something good yet mysterious in the world. I've seen a lot of photos of real life fairies online but they are either intentional hoaxes or simply insects that someone has posted while lying to themselves.

The view of what constitutes a fairy has changed over the years and most people conjure up the image of Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan within their minds when they imagine one. As to what a genuine fairy would look like however is probably something we'll ever know, if they do exist that is.

The thought of something so delicate like a petal, flying around in the breeze full of innocence, while helping Mother Nature, is just something I find fascinating. If they do exist they are clearly elusive and have no intention of being discovered. Maybe everyone has seen them at one time or another but just haven't realised what they are.

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