28th December 2013 - XBlades Removed From Xbox Live.

This is becoming increasingly annoying that Microsoft have been removing items from Xbox Live.

I first noticed that something appeared different when I tried playing Unreal Tournament 3 on the Xbox 360 recently. There are no servers anymore. The only way to play it online is to set up a game with bots and hope someone will join in. It never used to work that way before as there was always a long list of servers which attracted more players. But no with no pre-existing servers most people simply leave the game.

X-Blades had both a demo and downloadable content from XBox Live, but now they are gone and it's as though the game never existed. It still works but it's only luck that I already had downloaded the extras. Anyone who purchases the game new won't have access to the huge extra downloadable level.

I see a gradual reduction in Xbox Live content and it won't be long before its switched off altogether for the Xbox 360, like they did with the original Xbox. I estimate a year before it's gone and replaced with Xbox One.

New players aren't able to download the huge Sky Islands level.

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