15th April 2013 - Windows 7 Bugs.

I bought a new laptop computer recently that comes with Windows 7 which has been praised by a lot of people saying how much better it is than Windows Vista and far far better than Windows 8. Luckily I never used Windows Vista so avoided having to deal with the problems it has. I went straight from Windows XP to Windows 7. The general feel to the operating system is far better than Windows XP and feels like a far more professional operating system. But I have discovered more than a few bugs.

It's common for new versions of Windows to be buggy when they first come out yet Windows 7 has been out for quite some time and I've already installed the Service Pack One series of updates.

Luckily most of these bugs are just slight annoyances rather than something more serious. Here is a list of what I have found. I'm sure there are a lot more however.

1. The font called Times New Roman has been totally replaced. This means updating websites that contain that font, which is most of them because it's the default font, can end up looking a little odd.

2. When renaming a file to something with the same name but a different case, it is still displayed as though it wasn't renamed. To see the change you have to right click and press refresh. So for example if you named a file in upper case but wanted it in lower case and rename it you still see it as upper case until you press refresh.

3. If you're making a website that contains a Table, then the text will go all over the place causing a total mess on the screen. Internet Explorer will still display it correctly but the web editor struggles.

4. While booting up if a program tries doing something else before the boot is finally complete then the icons on the screen can sometimes corrupt. So for example if your anti-virus tries to update itself but the compuer has only just been switched on then it may not finish booting the screen icons properly.

5. Don't bother trying to delete the shortcut in the Pictures folder that points to Sample Pictures. It'll always come back.

6. It often forgets how you prefer to display the icons. You may prefer them as small, but if they are picture files then more often than not they will be displayed as thumbnails. If you change your settings then Windows will remember them until you add another file to that folder.

7. The Windows Photo Viewer will not display animated gif files in their animated form. I've a feeling Microsoft changed the name of Picture Viewer to Photo Viewer to cover up the fact that it doesn't work properly.

I'll add some more bugs to this list when I find them.

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