4th June 2013 - Phone Bill And Internet Connection.

This may appear to be a strange blog entry but I thought I'd mention it because it's one of those things that has happened too frequently to be a coincidence.

I have a BT phone and every few months receive a phone bill that I pay online. It used to be slightly cheaper to pay it online but now it's the same price, but I still pay it that way for convenience.

I also have Orange internet but I don't have an Orange phone. The only reason I have Orange Broadband is because it was originally Freeserve which was bought by Wanadoo which in turn was bought by Orange. I really should change it to BT as to combine the bills but haven't gotten around to it yet.

The coincidence I have noticed though is the times when my internet connection plays up and doesn't want to connect. It will work perfectly for months on end then suddenly refuse to connect almost the instant I receive a phone bill. The reason why I noticed because on many occasions I have had connection problems literally when trying to pay my phone bill online. I can't fathom as to why this would occur and why either BT or Orange would want to intentionally mess up the connection knowing full well I could simply change company.

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