27th July 2013 - My Diet.

This is a bit of a weird entry because it's something that I discovered about dieting in relation to myself. Obviously this doesn't apply to most people as dieting is one of those so much talked about subjects that I'm sure it must be hard for most people.

I've been getting mild tummy aches and backaches, on and off, for a number of months. It could be caused by snacking too much or sitting down for too long or any number of reasons. My doctor said it was stress.

Anyway I'm not fat as such but I do have a bit of a belly on me. A Christmas belly as one of my online friends calls it. So I decided to exercise more ofen and diet.

My diet consists of one bowl of All Bran first thing in the morning, then later in the day I have a dinner OR a supper, but not both. So in other words I have two meals per day.

The strange thing is that I've been sticking to the diet for over three weeks now and not once have I felt hungry or the urge to break the diet. I already promised myself that if I did want to eat something I would have another bowl of All Bran but that has never happend.

Dieting for me seems to have been extremely easy yet for other people it seems so hard. I haven't checked to see if I've lost any weight yet because I don't own a pair of scales. But I'm sure I'll lose a lot over the coming months.

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