4th April 2012 - An Addictive Game Called Venetica.

I can't believe it's been months since my last blog entry. Time just shoots by sometimes. I thought today I'd talk about a game that I've been playing recently on the Xbox 360 called Venetica.

I bought it from ebay a while before Christmas. To be honest I found it difficult to get into at first and I found all the spells, items, skills, etc, all too annoying. I also found myself spending a lot of time wondering what I was supposed to do next.

I stopped playing it for a while, then got back into it until I was stuck on one of the main boss characters. The game would display on the screen where you're supposed to hit the monster but quite often it didn't detect that you hit it. The game's collision detection wasn't accurate. It wasn't difficult as such but rather annoying that I kept swinging my sword at 'nothing' even though it was a direct hit. Eventually I did get past that monster though on my first attempt after a long break of not playing the game.

I still haven't completed it yet. Sometimes I feel the game is almost near the end then suddenly upon the completion of a quest an entire new area of the game is opened up.

I was playing today and one of the characters gave me a flask of tears as protection and was told to wear a dress and sprinkle the flask's contents upon it. So I needed to get back to my village to have a dress made. On the way back I had to fight stone monsters and trade their stone hearts in an occult shop. I also bumped into a character named Kitten who gave me another quest. Then when I finally reached my village I had to fight thirty bad guys. So essentially it took me two hours to journey back to the village to get a dress. No wonder the game lasts so long.

I suppose in many ways it's quite boring but it's highly addictive!

The character voices are strange too, and I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but they kind of seem a bit camp. And I'm sure one of the characters is voiced by Graham Norton or someone doing an impression of him. Sometimes a character will momentarily have a different voice which is probably due to the original voice actor not being available when they added new dialogue to the game. Sometimes the subtitles don't match what's being said either. One funny incident is when the main character Scarlett goes to the doctor and hands him a letter but her voice says, "I would like to purchase some mushrooms."

There are lots of costumes within the game. Normally you can't wear them right away because they are too big and you have to get another character, usually a blacksmith, to alter them. One annoyance is that at the start of the game Scarlett is wearing a nightie but once you change costume the game will never allow you to change back into the nightie.

One of the costumes reveals her shapely tummy and bellybutton, I'm not sure that kind of outfit would have existed in the 1600s but I'm not sure nighties existed either, but it doesn't have to be realistic it's just a game.

There is no Xbox Live content whatsoever not even a trailer for the game. Which is annoying because there is so much available on the internet for the PC.

Scarlett holds the legendary Moonblade.

Addendum (13th April '12):
While Xbox Live doesn't contain any extra content for this game you can actually fully download the game itself for 15.
Also I mentioned Scarlett wears a nightie at the beginning of the game. This is in fact a torn dress but the other characters refer to it as a night dress, if you try to leave the village before changing clothing they will stop you.

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