13th August 2012 - The Olympics.

I've never been into the Olympics. For me sport is something I've never been interested in and I never saw the point of watching it. Sport is something that is fun to play, and good exercise, but not exciting to watch. To me the Olympics is just one big waste of money. The government spend billions on it then take away money from disabled people calling them scroungers.

Anyway, putting my opinion of the big expense aside, I did find it a lot more enjoyable that I thought I would.

The opening ceremony was fun, although parts of it dragged on and on, but generally speaking there were a lot of fun sequences. The main part I liked was when Mr Bean was part of an orchestra. It was the crowd's reaction when they realised it was him that was the most funny part. I didn't like the James Bond and Queen sequence though, because it was almost making a joke at the Queen belittling who she is.

The closing ceremony wasn't as good but there were some good sequences in it such as the acrobats. The worst part is that all the singers were repeatedly announced on TV before the actual event ruining the surprise. I would have enjoyed the Spice Girls a lot more if I never knew beforehand that they would be there.

The main sports I enjoyed were Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, and synchronized swimming. I didn't like the football though or boxing, they don't really feel like Olympic sports to me.

I would have liked to have seen more of the synchronized swimming but there didn't appear to be much of it, or I had missed most of it. I find it amazing that human beings are able to swim like dolphins and dance in water. They are always women for some reason, I don't know why there are no men doing it. There was even someone doing it without wearing a nose-clip and the commentator said is was a first for someone to not wear one. I don't understand why this sport isn't more popular.

The volleyball was good. I noticed that the court seemed to be padded, I've never seen that before but maybe it was just my imagination because if its colour. During one particular match there was no commentator and it was so much more enjoyable not to have to listen to someone talking all over it. Although the sound of the referee's whistle was a lot more noticeable. In fact one of the commentator's comments annoyed me when he was comparing teams with football division equivalents. (China are not Man. United stop patronising us. Grrr.)

I also loved the beach volleyball. It's not like usual volleyball but played in sand, it's a totally different kind of game. Even the scoring is different as well as the amount of players. One thing that is similar though is the bum patting. I've never understood why, but in both volleyball and beach volleyball everyone pats each other on the bum. This applies to the men's and women's games equally. One game I particularly enjoyed was a game that was played in the rain. They didn't call it off and played the entire game soaking wet. The final of the beach volleyball was strange too, because it was USA vs USA. The team that lost also cheered that USA won which seemed strange.

I've always had a thing for volleyball because we used to play it at school using a football inner tube. Then one day our teacher, Mr Williams, decided to treat us by letting us play with a genuine volleyball, then I almost broke my wrist hitting it and we never played again. I should have stuck with it.

Another thing I want to mention is when I attempted to watch the women's fencing it had already finished and they were handing out the medals to the fencing teams. I loved when they posed for the photos and all three teams intermingled as one large group. One of the women rested her head on the other's shoulder while they posed in a group hug. It was like they were great friends even though they were from opposing teams and a different country.

The indoor basketball and table tennis are not sports I enjoy at all. Why do they never fix the problem of their feet squeaking against the shiney floor. It annoys me completely.

There was something that confused me slightly. There was a Chinese female swimmer who won an event with a five second lead, so someone implied she may be cheating. But she was only one second faster than her previous record so it was already known she was a good swimmer. How can approving your own record by just one second mean that you're cheating? In fact there were some people genuinely cheating when playing badminton. Basically they were intentionally losing a game so they would play a weaker team in the next round. They were found out and disqualified.

Another sport I watched was rhythmic gymnastics. It was basically dancing and doing gymnastics while holding a prop. There were different types of props such as a ball, two sticks and a ribbon. The ribbon is more exciting to watch but is less technically difficult than the ball which can bounce away if the gymnast isn't fast enough. At one point a woman dropped the ball and did forward rolls while getting it to make it seem intentional. There was a gymnast that permanently walked on tiptoe even before the event started which seemed very odd and must have been difficult. At one point a gymnast was about to start her routine and she waited for the crowd to stop cheering. Then just as she was about to begin someone did a wolf-whistle then a female voice screamed out for them to shutup.

In the ordinary gymnastics I noticed on more than one occasion that the gymnast will cry when they lose, even if they achieved a silver medal. I thought this was odd. I also noticed that the women look so young, almost like young girls, while the men are big and muscular. This didn't seem to apply to the rhythmic gymnastics though as they were all clearly adult looking women lot very young looking as they are in ordinary gymnastics.

In one of the athletic races a man came in second and was upset and said he was running for his family and he had let them down. I cannot understand why some athletes are never satisfied with coming second. I'm sure his family weren't upset. The best athletes in the world, who have lots of gold medals, have still lost a race more often than they have won. I don't understand how some of them can be so upset at not winning.

On the news after the Olympics was over someone stated that Australia had less gold medals than in previous years, then blamed their lack of investment in sports. Not everyone gets a gold medal, only the winners, they can't all win. For one country to win at something another must lose, that's how it works. Why do people not see it like that?

Anyway that's my summery of the Olympics, I did waffle on a bit at the end. I'll probably do a paralympic blog too.

Very friendly rivals celebrate their winning the fencing event.

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