12th January 2012 - Jonathan Creek Review.

I recently purchased a Jonathan Creek DVD from Ebay called The Grinning Man. Ebay allows some items to be reviewed so this is what I wrote about it:

Jonathan Creek - The Grinning Man is different to the previous Jonathan Creek episodes in that he is assisted by paranormal investigator Joey Ross, played by Sheridan Smith. Rather than acting as his assitant it is more of an equal partnership they have with her solving part of the mystery herself.

There is an old creepy mansion, owned by a magician, that contains a mysterious attic room where it is said that poeple vanish if they spend the night in there. Joey's close friend chooses to sleep in the room just to see if the mystery is true then, like all the others, she vanishes. Joey then seeks Jonathan's help and they solve the mystery together.

This episode also contains a subplot including a very gruesome scene that in some ways spoils the main plot as it's more violent than the main story of people vanishing in the attic.

What I loved about it was that Sheridan Smith is clearly a better actress than the women who have acted in Jonathan Creek in the past and even Alan Davis himself seems to have improved.

It has a darker in storyline to the previous episodes and less homour but in my opinion it makes it more enjoyable. It was also good to see that they didn't hide any of the nudity that was necessary for the plot toward the end.

The DVD also contains extras including a makingof which was very interesting as well as deleted scenes.

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