12th November 2010 - Tokyo Gore Police DVD.

I bought a DVD from ebay recently called Tokyo Gore Police. It's a kind of low budget, over the top, gory, Japanese horror movie.

Ebay allows people to review movies they purchase so this is what I wrote:

"Tokyo Gore Police is non stop gore and violence from begining to end with blood spurting everywere. It's so over the top and silly which is why it's absolutely brilliant!
It stars the very beautiful Eihi Shiina as an Engineer Hunter. The Engineers are a kind of people that can fashion weapons out of their own bodies and can only be killed if a patricular tumor in their body is removed. She carries a samurai sword and there's a lot of action involving her fighting against lots of bad guys and chopping them in two.
There are lots of really strange creatures such as a woman with crocodile legs but I won't say too much about these because it will spoil the surprise.
The DVD itself is on two discs and contains lots of extras such as a making of Toyko Gore Police, interview with the director, interview with Eihi Shiina, and trailors. It's interesting to see what the star Eihi Shiina is like when she's not in character.
This is a must buy if you're into Japanese movies or low budget horror."

My fave character is the woman with guns as limbs.

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