31st July 2010 - Soul Calibur 4.

Some years ago when I had a PlayStation 3 I had a game called Soul Calibur 4 that I played quite a lot. The main feature that sets it apart from other games is the fact that you can customise the characters' outfits and even make completely new characters. When playing online I would show off the character that I had made and was always amazed at how many ideas for characters I thought of were also what other people thought of too. There are thousands of people that have made a Homer Simpson character as well as Hulk and Lara Croft.

What always annoyed me though was that when playing online very often people would be playing against their friends and the game host would boot people when they try to join in. There is something called Private Slots where you can reserve a place for a friend so a stranger won't join in but people don't appear to have any idea about using them. The only way around the problem of getting booted is to be the host yourself, but quite often that means a long wait for people to join the game.

I don't have a PlayStation 3 anymore but I do have an Xbox 360 and the game is available as a download for 20. I didn't bother getting the download and instead bought one from Game shop for 10.

Quite often Xbox 360 games are better than the PlayStation 3 versions but this game is pretty much the same on both. (The Xbox 360 version has a Yoda character and the PlayStation 3 version has a Darth Vader but these characters are downloadable anyway.) There are also Achievements and features to do with Xbox Live but no major differences.

When I tried to play it online the exact same problem of people booting happend again twice, so I had to be the host again. It's strange because I play Dead or Alive 4 online and yet have never experienced the host booting people for no reason.

I don't have a favourite character, each one has different skills.

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