29th May 2010 - MCM Expo.

I had a lot of problems this time around and it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as conventions normally are. Sorry about all the moaning in this blog, it wasn't all bad, but it was annoying.

I intended to get there before 9.00am but when I arrived at the train station the next train was sheduled for 8.23am, but while waiting that was delayed even further to 8.35, the train itself was annoyingly slow I think there must have been something wrong with it. By the time I arrived at the show it was well past 9.00.

I was wearing a coat over my costume that could easily be folded and tucked away into my bag once I arrived, but it was a freezing cold day so I only removed my coat once I entered the building not while outside with the many cosplayers.

I was dressed as a vampire victim from the anime Vampire Knight. I had a t-shirt that was covered with spots of blood and a bite wound on my neck. I also wore necklaces with vampire style pendents and a bag that said 'Give Blood. Feed A Vampire'. The Vampire Knight hat I bought from ebay never arrived on time so I wore a plain black hat. What annoyed me the most was not one person asked to take a photo of me, I'm normally contstantly asked to pose for photographs when I'm in costume. It had cost me a lot of money and effort to get that costume together!

I had my eyebrow pierced as part of my outfit but the next day my eyelid had turned red, it wasn't blood it was an allergic reaction to the barbell jewellery that rested against it. I removed the jewellery and the piercing hole closed up without any puss or blood so lickily wasn't infected.

The show was completely packed out, there was a very very very long queue that split in two, one led to where you purchase a ticket and another was for people who already had one. Once you purchased a ticklet you had to join the next queue and swap the ticket for a wristband before entering the event itself. It was essentianlly a queue to join another queue to join another queue. Incidently the wrisbands never came off, I had to cut mine off with scissors when I got home.

I didn't take many photos because it was difficult with so many people in the way of what was being photographed. It started raining too so I didn't even have the option of taking photos of other cosplayers outside.

I bought a beautiful Ghost in the Shell clock, lots of cheap but brand new anime DVDs, a Japanese comic, a Dead or Alive soundtrack CD and lots of Japanese sweets. :)

MCM Expo have said that next time the show will take place over three days not just two, and they will use two halls instead of one. :)

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