21st February 2010 - Elfen Lied.

I bought an anime DVD recently called Elfen Lied (Vol. 1). Ebay allows people to write reviews so this is what I wrote:

Wow, is what I have to say about Elfen Lied volume 1 DVD.
I'm a big fan of anime but Elfen Lied was one of those that I had heard of but never watched until I bought it on DVD.
I won't tell you too much about the story because it'll spoil the surpise but this is one of those animes where the line between good and bad is blurred and you're not sure who to root for. It's extremely violent and very, very, very gory with blood spurting everywhere during the violent scenes. There's also some nudity but it's not sexual in nature and normally involves embarassment for the main male character Kouta adding some homour to the story. The story also contains sub-plots about a relationship between the characters Kouta and Yuka, and a homeless girl and her puppy.
If you're looking for gore and violence then this is the anime for you. It's only a 15 certificate which is suprising for the amount of violence it contains. Some of it was difficult to watch especially when arms and legs come off.
The DVD contains 4 episodes, English and Japanese audio with subtitles, clean opening and closing sequence, character artwork, and production artwork.

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