15th May 2009 - Know Your Subject Before Commenting.

This is quite funny, well not funny but interesting. I think the moral is to know what you're talking about before you post things in the web otherwise you'll look stupid.

What happend was I was searching the web for information about government MPs that were fiddling their expenses, it's been all over the news recently and I was looking for more details.

While searching I came across a site called Break.com, it's an online magazine that has news articles, gossip, silly clips, basically a bit of everything. There was a section containing photos and a picture called Goth Gross. There was no item associated with the picture but there were 22 comments. A lot of the comments said that Break.com should have posted it under another section because she's a sexy babe, some comments said the picture was gross but it was only one person that noticed what the picture was about. It was a woman wearing tampons and pads covered with fake blood, she wasn't a goth at all. I noticed instantly she wasn't a goth then noticed her tampon earings and realised what the picture was.

Not only had most of the people commenting not realised but Break.com themselves didn't notice.

Here's a link to the article and comments http://www.break.com/pictures/goth-gross504385.html

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