6th July 2009 - Game Reviewers.

When I want info about a new video game release it's simply not possible to get a fair and balanced review.

Some reviewers are pro Xbox 360 and hate the PlayStation 3, while some reviewers are more concerned with giving the game a score rather than telling details about it, and some reviewers seem to be more interested in writing witty journalistic banter than giving a genuine opinion.

Player reviews are a lot more honest but the problem is that some players love a game and think it's perfect and some players will hate the game with every fibre of their being. So the review will either be a great game with a 100% score or a rubbish game with a 0% rating.

So I've learnt to ignore the actual reviews and just read about the game and gauge my own opinion, but even then the reviewer's bias will effect what information they're giving out.

I was looking for information about Tomb Raider Underworld on the PlayStation 2. Apparently it's not the same as the other versions and has been bitterly criticized by the gaming press. I personally think it's a good game but that's just my opinion. What annoyed me the most is some reviewers hate the game so much that they don't give out correct facts about it which implies to me that they never actually played it! On more than one occasion the reviewer stated that there are no extra outfits for Lara to wear, but there are loads. You do actually need to complete the game first to change Lara's outfit so the reviewer obviously hadn't done that. Another reviewer stated that Lara wears an extra set of guns for decoration only because she never gets to use them, this reviewer hadn't bothered to read the manual to find out what button to press to change guns. Another reviewer stated that so much of the game was cut out that things like ammo for your guns don't exist in the PS2 version, in fact no other version of Tomb Raider Underworld has ammo either so they were never cut from the game if they weren't there in the first place.

Incidentally my favourite game of all time is Bullet Witch and nearly every review in existance gives it a low rating, I have a sneaky feeling some reviewers write a review based upon what another reviewer has said.

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