12th October 2009 - Michael Jackson And Respect.

I was looking at a website some time ago, I think it was a CNN news website or something similar, I forget but it was a news website anyway. There was a section all about Michael Jackson, his life and career etc. It seemed all respectful and didn't contain anything negative towards him, there was even a link where people could post messages and most were about how he would be missed.

Then near the bottom of the page was a Michael Jackson vid of his ghost walking around his house. It started with someone filming a door knob and zooming in onto it, I've no idea why someone would choose to film a door knob that was the first thing that made me suspicious. Then a slight shadow of someone moved across the screen.

Sometimes people can see something and misinterpret what they've seen and think it's something supernatural, but this wasn't even that, it was just an obvious fake.

Michael Jackson was a famous celebrity, of course people are going to make vids like that and post them. YouTube is full of things like that. But why did the news website that had a respectful article feel the need to post that on there?

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