21st December 2009 - Old Computer Software.

Recently I've been selling old computer software on ebay. It's strange how some sells for quite a lot and receive a lot of bids and yet for some there is no interest at all.

I have a computer called a Sinclair QL, it was invented in 1983 but I didn't get mine until the early 90s. It was one of those advanced computers ahead of its time that was said to have been sold, manufactured then designed in that order. It was a mess when it first came out and had a lot of design fixes over the years. It contained a 32-bit processor but all of the other components were designed for 8-bit so the processor spent most of the time waiting making the computer run a lot slower than it was supposed to. It was upgradable but the extra memory was still always of the slow type. You could even 'upgrade' to a slower processor that made the overall speed of the computer faster.

I sold a Flight Simulator and Accounts software for the Sinclair QL on ebay recently, they were sold as seperate items and there was a bidding war to buy them. They sold for more than what I had paid for them brand new nearly twenty years ago.

I have another computer called an Amiga 1200 that I bought about ten years ago. It was my main computer for a long time and I have zillions of software for it. The main advantage of the Amiga was that it out-performed the PC in everything, it had a 14mhz clock speed and 2 meg memory but if you compared it with a similar spec PC there was no contest. It was easily the equivalent of a 75mhz PC. It even had PC emulation software and you could run MSDOS on it. You could also use the internet on it although it always had a problem with websites that used Java.

Amiga software just isn't rare enough. I cannot sell a single item of Amiga software online, maybe I can in another ten years.

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