14th July 2009 - Ebay Review Of Lexmark Printer Ink.

I bought some printer ink on ebay recently, genuine Lexmark 26, colour ink cartridge, ebay then asked me to write a review for it so this is what I wrote:

"I normally buy the cheaper re-filled inks for my printer under the belief that they work out a whole lot cheaper, but I noticed that with some inks there tends to be blank streaks across the picture being printed out. Also sometimes the cheap inks run out even when the printer thinks it's still half full.
So I've changed my mind and only buy the genuine inks now, they print without any streaks and the printer software keeps a check on how much ink there is left accurately. They are more expensive but you get what you pay for, by all means get cheap ones for printing out text, but for pictures you need genuine inks."

That was my review, some people say that re-filled inks are more environmental but you have to remember that ink is never loose and always in a container, so whether it's in an ink cartridge or a bottle being poured into a cartridge there will always be a container left over.

Years ago in the 1990's I had a Star LC-10 Colour printer, it used printer ribbons instead of a cartridge and the ribbon contained four colours that it would mix together. It was brilliant at coloured text but for pictures it wasn't so good, it was capable of printing pictures but not very good for anything more than a simple diagram. Anyway, I could never get genuine inks for it anyware, it was a popular printer but every computer shop only had the cheaper non-official inks. I always had to put a blob of blu-tack underneath the ribbon for it to line up with the printer head.

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