18th July 2009 - London Film & Comic Con.

I wasn't planning to go to the London Film & Comic Con this year because I never had much money, but about a week before I looked at their website and discovered that Keeley Hawes was going to be there. So I changed my mind and decided I would go just to get her autograph and no one elses.

I went by myself and arived at about 9.30 am, then got my ticket for her autograph and I was number 293, so it was going to be a long long wait to get her autograph and eventually did by around 4.00 pm. While I was getting her autograph the woman in front of me gave Keeley a fan mail letter, there was also a fan mail post card on the table. I never thought that people did that at conventions and I wished I had thought of that too. When Keeley speaks she has the exact same voice as Lara Croft and it's almost like meeting the real Lara even though she's a fictional character, I felt all nervy.

While waiting in the queue for the autopgraph a man was standing and looking at other celebs, he wasn't moving forward, when one of the convention staff told everyone to move up the man turned around and just walked away. I think he was just waiting in line to get a sneaky peek at all of the other celebrities. I took a sneaky photo of Jewel Staite and Michael Shanks but the Michael Shanks photo came out blurred.

I also had my photo taken with Keeley but had to do that seperately from getting her autograph, this meant more expense but a better quality photograph. It was quite late about 5.30 pm when the photos were handed out and a lot of people were complaining.

There were two stages with mostly free talks but a few had to be paid for. Some required a ticket but were still free. I saw a Red Dwarf talk where Danny John-Jules, Chloe Annett and Hattie Hayridge answered questions from people, I was surprised how Chloe Annett looked so different in real life. There was also a Dr Who talk that I missed because I was getting my photo done with Keeley Hawles. There was a cosplay parade and a talk by a comic book artist. There was also a talk by a writer Robert Rankin but he was telling an anekdote about how he grows his own drugs so I left.

I noticed at a lot of the talks, when people sit down, so many women have their bum cracks showing, almost like builders bottoms, somtimes I don't know where to look.

I didn't buy much this time, it was mainly lots of photos and vids that I've uploaded into Youtube. I never wore a costume this time instead I wore a Tomb Raider Underworld shirt.

Me and Lara Croft cosplayer Victoria Smith.

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