19th April 2009 - Censorship, Context And Responsibility.

This is my second entry about censorship but this entry is more about consequences of posting things online without any explanation of what they are about. If you post something on the internet such as a picture or movie clip then at least add a description explaining it.

I was reading about an ice cream company in America called Breyers. One of their advertisements featured two young girl gymnasts bending over ice cream tubs and the word 'lickable' was displayed beside them. Apprarently it was a spoof advertisement, a fake, in bad taste. The ad even displayed the girl's real names and their gymnastic achievement making it look even more genuine.

Leaving the argument about whether someone should have made such a spoof ad aside, it's important to think about the consequences. There are hundreds of websites showing that ad and condemning Breyers who had nothing to do with it. If you search for gymnastics on Google Images that pic will always be shown. The two young girls in the ad were bending over as part of their gymnastic routine, but now it looks as though they're showing their bums in an intentional pose, they must feel humiliated seeing themselves pictured that way online.

In some ways it's not the bad taste of the spoof ad that I have a problem with, it's the websites showing it without mentioning that it's a joke.

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