5th April 2008 - Chat Room Silliness.

A funny thing happend today in a chat room that had everyone in laughter, it's not actually that funny really, it's just silly juvenile humour but it seemed hillarious at the time. Sorry about the language but I can't change the wording of what was said.

Apart from everyone greeting each other the chat room was quiet with no actual conversation going. It's normally spontaneous with overlapping conversations but nothing was happening.

Then a man entered the chat room and was talking about sex and lowering the tone of chat by saying he would cybersex every woman in the room. When Rosa asked him to leave he then teased her by saying she had a sissy wimp name.

She responded by saying that if he didn't leave then she would put on her shit kickers and kick his butt out of the chat room. Everyone responded with laughter including the man she said it to.

After about a minute I realised that I had misread what she had said, I thought she had typed shit knickers and not shit kickers. I then told the rest of the room that I had misread it but apparently everyone else had too. Stephanie said she felt sick with laughter especially when Rosa asked what the word knickers meant.

This was so much funnier in the chat room than trying to describe it here, you had to be there but it was so funny in so many different ways.

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